Creating charts of accounts, developing accounting policies, keeping a register of accounting documents and fixed assets, filing monthly and yearly CIT and PIT returns, keeping a VAT register, making financial reports and analyses.

Keeping a book of revenues and expenditures

Making entries in the book, filing PIT and VAT returns, keeping VAT and fixed asset registers, keeping a mileage logbook, filing annual income statements.

HR and payroll

Employment and civil law contracts, payroll, employee files, work and remuneration regulations, ZUS [Social Insurance Institution] forms and contributions, PIT returns, settlements of civil law contracts, annual tax returns.

Permanent access to your data and reports

At your request, we also provide permanent remote access to an accounting system for you and your team.

Individual reports

We are preparing advanced reports assigned by the client.

Free invoicing software

We provide free invoicing software for you to sell your products and services quickly and independently.